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What happens when I connect with a great Host and we want to move forward with a homeshare?


Congratulations! You’re just a couple steps away from finalizing your new homeshare.  Step 1: Discuss your Host’s Homesharing Agreement. If a Nesterly Host decides to move forward, they should share a draft version of their Homesharing Agreement with you. The goal of Nesterly’s Homesharing Agreement is to make it easy for you to review all of the details […]

Nesterly Demo


Watch this 2-min video to learn how to sign up as a Host or Guest and start homesharing with another generation.

Listing Photography Guide


Photos are an important part of creating a successful Listing on Nesterly. We’ve found that Listings with photos are 95% more likely get booked for a homeshare. We put together this short guide to help you take professional level photographs in a matter of minutes with your own smartphone or tablet. Tidy up your space. […]

What happens after I connect with a nice Nesterly Guest?


Congratulations! You’re just a couple steps away from finalizing your Nesterly homeshare.  Step 1: Schedule an interview over the phone or in person to see if it’s a good fit. Check out our Interview Guide for helpful tips. Download and review the Nesterly Homesharing Agreement. This will help you define how you would like to […]

Nesterly Interview Guide for Hosts


Below are a few sample interview questions to help you get to know your potential Guest. Did you connect with a nice Guest on Nesterly? Congratulations! It is now time to schedule an interview over the phone or in person to see if they are a good fit. During the interview, do not be shy […]

Guest Tips and Tricks


We’ve helped a ton of wonderful people find a new home. Here are a few things we’d recommend: Hedge Your Bets – we know it’s tempting to just message that one Host in the perfect location, but trust us and message 3 – 4 to start. Show Your Personality – in your first message, make […]

Cleaning out your extra room


Do you have an extra room filled with storage, random knick-knacks, old things left behind by family members, or who knows what else? Does the thought of spending days clearing and organizing it make you anxious and stressed? Don’t worry, we’re going to use a popular prioritization technique to help you take that first step. […]

Tips and Resources for Hosts


Here are some tips and resources to get you started: While the list below is not exhaustive, and we cannot provide direct legal advice, we hope it serves as a useful resource! If you have additional questions, contact your local city agencies, or consult a local lawyer or tax professional. TaxesRent received for a spare […]